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Photo Ornament Tree Project

I really like the simplicity of the ornament tree, and how easy it is to alter for the holidays. You can also modify it every year if you choose. Try using it to display pictures, your favorite ornaments, or anything interesting for the holidays.

First assemble the tree, and then paint it white - it’s very important that you paint it after you assemble it because if you do the opposite and paint the pieces first, you will have a hard time getting the rods to fit into the main stem (the layers of paint make it too tight).

While the paint is drying you can create the ornaments. I printed out some Instagram pictures and converted them all to black and white. I then printed them out in small sizes (2 x 2" and 1.5  x 1.5" and then cut out pieces of white cardstock that are the same sizes.

Create the loops using washi tape by first taking a piece of tape that is approximately 4-5" long and then folding it over so it’s double sided (the two adhesive sides will stick together). Create a loop shape and then glue onto the loop and sandwich it in between the back of the picture and the piece of cardstock.

Hang the picture ornaments onto the tree and display your festive picture tree on the mantle, a side table or somewhere inspiring for the holiday season.


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