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Parisian Pendants Project

To make this project with two large pendants, I used the Hobnail Large Rectangles. I began by cutting down the Paris paper images from the Paris Nights Paper Collection to fit the bezels. Then I put a small amount of the resin into the bezels to glue the paper in and added more resin to fill in the bezel.

For the silver pendant, I added a few buttons for extra dimension, and for the bronze one, I added some small sequins in a topaz color to match the topaz hand-dyed ribbon. Once the bezels dried, I added the coordinating hand-dyed ribbons from our Handmade by Somerset collection.

For the round bezel I glued in a piece of tan-colored paper, then added the decorative flower filigree piece, filling it in with the resin to complete this step. I added a green sequin embellishment to the center of the flower. Once the resin dried, I added the Wasabi hand-dyed ribbon to compliment the embellishment in the center of the flower.

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