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Nature's Beauty - Wee Boxes Project by Kristen Robinson

Outside my window lies a bounty of beauty. To honor the glorious beauty of the trees and birds that lie on the other side of my studio window I combined the amazing collage papers created by Catherine Moore and the ready to alter mini paper mache boxes. A delightful marriage of inspiring elements that pays homage to the power and beauty of Mother Nature not to mention the perfect place to display your found objects.

Begin by cutting images and elements from the various collage sheets that will be placed on the lids.  Once you have chosen the images you will be working with on the lids choose scenes you wish you place on the inside of the boxes.  To the inside of each box add an image or a collage of images, using adhesive suitable for paper.  To the lid add an additional image or a word that has either been stamped or pulled from ephemera such as dictionary pages.  With a small dry paintbrush add a thin layer of paint the edges of the box - just enough to create a bit of definition.  Finally if you wish add a strip of coordinating paper around the perimeter of the box, again using an adhesive that is suitable for paper.

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