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Mother and Daughter Decoupage Project and Daughter Izzy

Inspired by "Create With Me," I decided to create a project with my daughter using some old glass plates. My daughter loves to use paint and glue – I honestly think her favorite part is simply squeezing the glue and paint out of the tube which she could seriously do that all day and be happy! Plus I knew that with a decoupage project she would be able to get messy (what kid doesn’t love that) by smearing the glue all over the papers with her fingers! Another great reason the try a decoupage project with children is because they LOVE to tear stuff up. My daughter happily tore up the papers in a messy, random fashion which was perfect.

I had a specific idea for my plate design where I planned to use on style of patterned paper on the rim and a coordinating style from the same paper pad in the middle, so I had two separate piles of paper for my project. However for my daughters she wanted to mix it up and use all the papers from the paper pad.The only thing to remember is to glue the papers to the underside of the plate. Easy!

So together we decoupaged our plates, using the Collage Pauge as our adhesive and sealer. The project took approximately 1 hour to complete and then we put our plates aside to dry over night. The best part was the next morning flipping our plates over to see how our finished projects turned out, the first thing my daughter said to me was “I want yours” which was funny because I actually prefer hers so I guess a switch is in order!

Collage Pauge is water resistant, but I would not recommend heavily washing decoupaged plates in water, just a light wipe down with a wet cloth. Use your finished plates as special "serving" plates for special treats. Or you could display them in your home by hanging them on a wall with plate hanging brackets that you can find at most hardware stores.

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