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Lucky Me Project

The bingo tiles have so much creative potential! I decided to create a quick and easy necklace with a "lucky me" theme. I began with the circle pendant and cut down a white circle piece of cardstock to fit inside it. Use just a tiny bit of the DG3 in the pendant and place the circle in there. Then paint over the white with blue crackle paint and place a bingo tile in the center. Once the crackle paint has dried, fill in the hollow area around the bingo tile with the DG3 and allow to dry. Paint some plain wood beads with the crackle paint.

To avoid the crackle paint chipping off the beads, you could try using a glaze adhesive on the bead to protect the paint. Once the DG3 in the pendant has dried, glue the pendant onto a glass fused heart using the DG3 as your adhesive. To assemble the necklace, choose a piece of ribbon that you love (I chose red) and some black scrappers floss. Thread the pendant on then tie a small knot on either side to keep it from moving around too much. The next step is to add the blue beads. Determine where you would like them to sit on the necklace and then thread them on, again tying a knot on either side of the bead.

For the closure just add some brown buttons (tie knots on either side of these also). You can easily put the necklace on by just tying the ribbons at the back! The bingo tiles can be use in a lot of various mixed-media projects. For jewelry projects you could trying using any of the following ideas:

  • Bingo tile #14 - Valentines day project
  • Bingo tile #31 - Halloween project
  • Bingo tile #25 - Christmas project
  • Bingo Tiles (assorted numbers) - for Birthdays
  • Game-themed projects Winner and Lucky themed projects

And don’t forget the Bingo Tiles also have letters which can be used for the first letter of a name and much more!


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