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Little One Project


The inspiration for the theme of my scrapbook came from using "The Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit". This fun kit designed by Claudine Hellmuth includes a book and card decks with fun themes and colors to get you started and spark the creativity in you! I chose one color card and one theme and ended up with red + little one. Since I have a daughter it made it really easy to choose my subject! I see so many scrapbook layouts with baby themes that have lots of pastels and cute embellishments so I was really excited to have chosen the red color card because this pushed me to create something really different. I began with the 8½" x 11" black book cover, and Book Creator machine.

Each machine comes with one free book cover in the kit but you can also purchase them separately. I chose the Basic Grey Scarlet’s Letter collection because it has stunning patterns and the red color is consistent in the designs. Cut down all your background Basic Grey papers to 8"x10."  Since I used just one picture per page, I chose 5"x7" photographs. Use white acrylic paint and on each page roughly paint a white square. This will be the frame for the pictures when you glue them on. Take some torn up pieces of vintage book paper and glue onto the frames in various areas, leaving a little to hang over the edge so you will see it when the photos are attached. Allow the paint and glue from the book papers to dry. While waiting, you can start decorating your pictures with the photo scratching tool.

I chose to scratch out the really dark areas of the pictures so that the focus on the pictures would really stand out. After scratching the areas I took a red crayon and did some random doodles and coloring over the top of the scratching. Now you can start gluing the photos onto the layouts! You can choose to create a vertical or horizontal album, both will work fine. After all the pictures are attached to the layouts, take the Daisy D’s rub-on tape runners and randomly decorate the edges of the pictures to create some cool borders. Mix them up and try use two styles on one page! Next take a red and black crayon and doodle as desired. I mainly doodled near the corners of the pictures but the possibilities are endless.


After the pages were all finished I chose from favorite to use as the first page because this is the one you will see through the window. I decided to alter the cover and tried to get creative using various paints. I began by painting around the window with the green paint then after the green had dried I painted roughly over the top of it with the crackle paint and then added some white paint, and finally I added just a little pink paint to the bottom right corner. I added two strips of the book paper to the top left corner. Once everything is completely dry, paint over the cover with a good quality sealing adhesive. For the final touch add a few Prima Artful Flowers to the top left corner.


Make sure all your pages are in the order you want them. Insert them into the book cover. Turn the book creator machine on by simply plugging it in. Let the book stand in the machine for approximately two minutes, full instructions for required times are included with the machine. Once you take it out its bound and ready to show your friends and family!


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