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Let Not One Drop Be Wasted ... Experimenting With Dyan Reaveley’s Dylusions Journal Project by Christen Olivarez

We’ve had some fun playing and experimenting with one of our newest additions to The Shoppe: Dyan Reaveley’s Dylusions Journal. Here’s what our Director of Publishing, Christen Olivarez, has to say about her journal, so far (be sure to check out her work-in progress in the additional images below for some more unique journaling ideas):


  • The Dylusions Creative Journal is by far the sturdiest art journal I’ve seen. It stands up to an incredible amount of water and variety of mediums with no warping.
  • I love the way that is bound, because I find myself getting bothered by the spiral binding that other journals use.
  • I love the ephemera pocket that is included, but I did notice that if you don’t cover it up, the folder can fall victim to “over spray” since it does stick out of the journal at the top!
  • My favorite way to start a page is to completely cover it with water using the Ranger Mini Misters. I then pick two to three colors of the Dylusions Spray inks and spray them randomly onto the page. Then, I run a roll of paper towels over the paper once, picking up the excess water and ink. This also helps to blend it. These paper towels can be saved to use in later projects because they look so awesome covered in different colors of inks.
  • Once the page is dry, I either use stamps to add more interest to the page, or I use stencils and spray inks. When I use the stencils, after I’ve sprayed ink onto the page, I place the wet stencil on a different page in my journal. This is a great way to “accidentally” build a page as well as to ensure that little to no ink gets wasted.

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