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Joy Packaging Project

A perfectly packaged parcel is always more delightful to open on a special occasion, especially when it's tied together with a personal touch and lot of creativity.

"For smaller gifts I like to use Cavallini Deco wrap. Every time someone opens a gift wrapped with Cavallini Deco Wrap, they comment on how pretty it is and always make an effort to save the paper to reuse." - Vanessa Spencer, Shoppe Manager

If you want to make your friends feel extra special holiday season, you can wrap your gifts with the Christmas Owls Cavallini & Co. Decorative Wrap, and then bundle them up with red Scrapper's Floss.

For a primitive touch, alter a wood pennant ribbon tag by dying it in a solution of Walnut Ink Crystals.

Tip: If you plan on making a small amount of solution using the Walnut Ink Crystals, Vanessa recommends you dye a few more tags and maybe some ribbon or extra supplies that you want to stain brown, so you can get the most mileage out of the solution without wasting any.

Once the tag has dried, glue the Joy wood embellishment on for a festive finish.

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