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Journal or Bust! Project by Pam Carriker

Driving down the road to our vacation destination, I see "Oshkosh or Bust" on the window of a car headed for the same place we are. It's always more fun when we realize others are going in the same direction and share a common goal with others. It connects us. Journaling is something that while we do it on our own for the most part, we also are part of a larger movement of people involved in the same activity. Art journaling can take on as many different forms as there are individual people doing it. With this project, I'm "busting" out of my traditional journal and going 3D to capture thoughts and moods on this cool paper mâché torso.


  • Paper mâché torso
  • Collage Tissue: Life
  • Collage glue matte medium
  • Gesso
  • Pencil
  • Paint brushes
  • Watercolor paints
  • Assorted journal pens including permanent black pen(s)
  • Watercolor pencils


Instructions for Journal or Bust! Project:

Cover the entire torso with torn pieces of decorative tissue. Glue down with collage glue and let dry thoroughly. 

Paint a wash of gesso (1/4 gesso and water) over the entire torso and let dry. 

Draw doodles, images and text with pencil.  Use watercolor paints and pencils to color in the designs. Activate the watercolor pencil with a wet brush to paint with it. Outline the images and doodles with the black pen(s).  Use additional journal pens to journal and add details to the designs. 

Spray with a fixative if desired.

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