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Julia Andrus of Eco Green Crafts showed us at CHA how to do a really cool, yet simple crackle technique using all Eco Green Crafts products! You can also watch the FREE how-to video to see the crackle technique process.

For an authentic crackle be sure to use two contrasting colors so that the crackle is really obvious. To begin just paint the surface of the birdhouse with the first color (the one that will be the undercoat, crackled color) and allow the first coat to dry completely. On the birdhouse I alternated colors because I wanted the roof to be green with an off white crackle under it and the bottom part of the birdhouse to be the off white with the green crackle under that.

Once the first coat has dried, paint a coat of Eco Green Glue over the painted surface, and then paint your second (top coat color) over the top of the glue while it’s still tacky. Then take a heat tool and heat dry the surface. The crackle effect will start to appear as its drying.

Once you have crackle painted the entire birdhouse and its 100% dry, paint a coat of Matte Medium over the house to seal and protect the paint. Once the medium has dried cut some strips of patterned paper with one side a straight edge and the other a scalloped edge and then glue the strips to the edge of the roof. Cut some thinner strips of the same paper doing a straight edge on both sides and attach to the bottom of the birdhouse.

Using a 20 gauge wire create the word "home" by manipulating the wire into the shape of the letters, use a pair of jewelers pliers to help bend the wire. Glue the wire “home” word onto the birdhouse with a clear adhesive.

Stuff the birdhouse with excelsior and then place some mini faux birds (found at most large discount craft stores) inside the birdhouse.

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