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From my kitchen to yours Project

The inspiration for this project came from the poultry-themed collage sheets by Tweety Jill. These can be simple favors to give to friends or family at a get together. I altered the paper bags then created file cards to put in the bag, each with a fun poultry-themed quote and small test tube filled with herbs. I also inserted some handwritten recipes into each bag.

Cut out your favorite collage images from the Poultry Party collage pack. Distress the edges lightly with brown ink. Glue the images onto the front of the paper bags. Then stamp assorted images from the Poultry Party stamp set on the images. Take the beige colored paper from the Attic Treasures paper kit and cut it down to 4" x 6" then glue onto a piece of 4" x 6" chipboard to create a strong and sturdy file card. Add a red tab to each of the file cards. The red paper is on one of the Poultry Party collage sheets. Cut out more images from the collage kit and trim to fit on the file cards so that it leaves a thin border of the beige cardstock. Distress edges of the collage image with the brown ink then glue onto the card. Also distress the edges of the card with the same ink. Cut out the quote images from the quote collage sheet in the Poultry Party collage pack and ink edges.

Tear some pieces of vintage music paper and distress with the ink also. Glue those pieces onto the file cards. Stamp more poultry images onto the file cards as desired. Take small test tubes and fill with your favorite herbs from your garden. Create small tags from the burlap images on the collage sheets and punch a small hole in each and stamp the utensil image from the stamp set onto each tag. Punch a small hole in each tag. Thread a colored twine through the hole and wrap the twine a few times around the tube and tie a small knot. Then wrap around the file card tightly and tie another knot. Insert a file card into each paper bag and insert your favorite recipes!


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