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French Ephemera Storage Album Project

Our clear pockets are perfect for memory albums and journals, but they actually also have plenty of potential for a creative storage solution. If you are a collector of French ephemera, or any kind of ephemera, this idea is perfect for storing those delicate odds and ends. It's a nice way to visually see the lovely bits and pieces that have been collected and keeps them clean and protected.

The 4 Pocket Page fits regular-sized postcards perfectly. You can easily fit 3 - 4 postcards in each individual pocket, or alternatively just use one in each pocket (this way you can see the front and back of the postcard as you flip through you storage folder). The 4 Pocket Pages are also a nice size for storing ribbon and wallpaper swatches, small envelopes, and more.

The 9 Pocket Pages have ATC sized pockets for storing mini photographs, antique flash cards and various smaller odds and ends.

The 3 Pocket Pages work well for vintage bingo cards and large pieces of ephemera such as sheet music, letters, and receipts.

You can easily add the individual pages to a 3-ring binder or a folder you've created yourself. I decided to use a Kraft File Folder and used a 3-hole punch to make holes, then used some delicate seam binding ribbon and threaded it through the holes to bind the book together.

Embellish the front of the folder using some French ephemera; I added an old handwritten letter and then placed a piece of the French General adhesive fabric in the center.


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