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Flora and Fauna Box Project

I have a stash of old vintage cigar boxes at home that I have been collecting over the years from antique markets. Often, the original designs are so pretty that I can’t bear to alter them, but I managed to pick out a few wooden ones that I thought would be perfect for this project.

Cigar boxes make great storage boxes for just about anything. Sometimes they may still have the smell of cigars lingering; if so, I suggest leaving the top open for a little bit to air it out, and also place a lavender sachet (or something with your favorite scent) inside.

On the back side of the Cavallini & Co. deco wrap I traced the top and sides of the cigar box and cut the pieces of paper down to size.

Using a foam brush and Multi-Medium Matte as my adhesive, I applied a generous amount of the adhesive onto the box (just doing one surface/side at a time). Depending on the box you are using you may need to be extra generous with the adhesive; my cigar box was made of a very porous wood that soaked up a lot of adhesive. Carefully lay the paper onto the surface pressing it down firmly to avoid bubbles. Do this to the top and each side and allow to dry.

Using the sanding block from the distressing kit, sand all the edges of the box and brush off any of the excess powdery paper left over with a dry cloth. On a clean surface, use the same Multi-Medium Matte and paint over the paper, this will help seal it to the box and protect the paper from wear and tear.

Fill the box with some interesting nature elements, or even use it as a jewelry box.

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