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Dolled Up Ornament Project by Sarah Meehan

Stamp the large doll and hat from Bird & Bee No. 11 onto a sheet of red paper from the Winter Garden Pack 2. Carefully cut the boots, corset, gloves, and hat from the red paper and set aside. Stamp the large doll onto a piece of manila cardstock or a file folder, and cut away the excess paper. Cut the arms off of the doll, leaving a small nub on each side for the new set of arms. Stamp an additional set of arms onto the manila cardstock, and cut each arm from the cardstock. Use a Mini Copper Brad to attach the new set of arms to the nubs on the doll.

Apply Tac Clear Glass Glitter to the upper edge of the gloves and stockings, as well as on the boots and fur trim of the hat. Sprinkle clear glitter from the Rainbow Bottle Set of glass glitter onto the hat, gloves and stockings. Add black glitter to the boots, and allow all glue to dry thoroughly. Once dry, attach the boots, gloves, corset, and hat to the doll. Sketch a banner shape onto a sheet of paper from the Gypsy Market Scrapbook Pack, and trim accordingly. Stamp "NOEL" onto the banner using the Typewriter Alphabet Stamps, and distress the edges with black ink. Attach the banner to the doll, and add a small loop of embroidery floss to the back of the finished ornament.


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