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Deco Bird Box Project

The 6 Drawer stacked box by Eco-Green Crafts is suitable to store all sorts of odds and ends. Use it to store art supplies, jewelry, office supplies and much more! The options are endless with the many ways you can alter it to display in the home or office. To alter mine I began by glueing the Bird Deco wrap to the front of the drawers. I traced the shape of the front of the drawer on to the paper and then cut out each piece (keeping it connected as on image) and then glued the pieces onto the drawers with Collage Pauge.

Also paint over the paper on the drawers with the Collage Pauge to help keep it protected and sealed so it doesn’t tear. Paint the outside of the other 3 sides with acrylic paint. I used a mixture of white and ocean to blend a light blue color to compliment the blue on the deco wrap. Once the paint has dried, add a piece of red seam binding ribbon around the outside of the box, securing it with glue dots.

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