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Days and Nights has 31 Project

Start by covering the square stacked boxes with chalkboard paper or alternatively with chalkboard paint, black paint or black paper. I used the chalkboard paper because I'm currently expecting, and prefer not to be exposed to certain types of paint at the moment.

Cover the lids of the small and large boxes with the text patterned papers from the Romantic novel paper pad and the middle box with the Toil and Trouble paper kit. I used collage pauge to glue the papers.

Once the paper has dried, give the edges a light sanding with the sanding block. Using Traditional Tan acrylic paint and letter stamps and number stamps, stamp out the phrase "Days and Nights has 31" onto the boxes, allow to dry.

Add some very simple orange washi tape and patterned grey washi tape strips to the lids of the boxes.

Since the box is covered with chalkboard paper you can actually write on it with chalk instead of stamping. We thought it would be fun to show some alternative options, which is how the stamping came about. Both versions are fun ways to add character to these festive Halloween treat boxes.

Note:  The phrase I used is actually from Macbeth. You could revise it to say "Days and Nights have 31" however I decided to keep it as is.


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