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Daily Calendar Journal Project

Inspired by a calendar journal project that was featured on the Design Sponge blog, I wanted to use the same concept (because it’s simply an amazing idea,) but decided to adapt it by using the 7gypsies library drawer to store my daily journal pages.  Imagine in five years time, if you were able to look back and see what you did on January 10th every year?  This project provides a great way to record memories, whether it’s a big event like a wedding or simply a trip to your favorite park.

You will need a journal card for every day of the year so while cutting out the 365 pieces of cardstock may take a little while - it’s certainly worth it!  The other step that may take some time is stamping the dates onto all the cardstock pieces.  To make it quick, I suggest making some piles for the cards - do all the months and then do the days.  This way you can stamp 31 January cards with "JAN" very quickly and so on. Then crank out all the numbers - so do all 12 months with the "01" stamp etc...

You may want to alter the cards and embellish them just a little. But this is a big project so maybe gradually doing the cards throughout the year might be best!  I add a few very simple elements to mine using some of my favorite stamps and some colorful inks.  On some of my cards, I used a little white wash to fade the stamped images very slightly.  Then I added just a bit of decorative tape.

Journal just a little tidbit every day and make it a tradition to continue to do so every year.

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