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DIY Airmail Stationery with Washi Tape Project

Airmail themed projects are always so timeless and fun. We thought we would try creating our own handmade airmail stationery using one of our new airmail washi tapes with some simple white envelopes and paper.

To embellish the envelopes, start by lining the edges with folding strips of washi, snipping off the excess tape. Do the same on the triangular part/flap on the back of the envelope.

Stamp airmail themed words onto the back of the envelopes with the 7gypsies Par Avion stamp set and black ink. Using the same airmail tape and some blue washi tape embellish the top left side of some sheets of plain white paper.

Using another stamp from the same airmail stamp set, stamp the rectangular ticket shaped design onto the paper, just underneath the strips of washi tape.

Create multiple pieces and use them as a stationery gift set, or here and there for special notes for friends and family.

Please note: if you plan on using these as real envelopes through the postal service, we recommend you contact your mail carrier for the requirements and specifications on airmail-themed envelopes.

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