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Counting The Days Project by Lan Nguyen

With the month of love around the corner, what better way to count down the days than with an advent calendar? Using wire, glass test tubes and vintage-inspire Jenni Bowlin paper, I’ve designed a hanging advent calendar to count down 7 days to Valentine’s Day. Each vial is filled with small charms to express sentiments such as love notes, flowers or decoration.

To hang the test tubes I first manipulated the wire by wrapping and crinkling it. By doing this, the wire is no longer smooth which will make holding the tubes easier. If you do not do this to the wire, the tubes slip through. Once done with the wire, wrap it around the tube about six times; careful to not do it too tightly because the glass is very fragile.

Leave about 5 - 7 inches from you first tube to easily hang your display later. Continue wrapping your test tubes until all are completely wrapped and ready to display. Also leave about 5 -7 inches of wire towards to end to hang. Next I used the note papers for notes. I cut the paper into 1/3 slips and rolled them up. For the day numbers, I used the 1 ¼” circle punch to punch out circles of the Jenni Bowlin paper and stamped the numbers using Typewriter clear Stamp set and Red StazOn Ink.

To display the circles, I used a paper blade to cut slits into the corks. To create the hanging note, I used the wire a small piece of wire and curved one end to hold the piece of paper while the other I stuck it into the cork. To display, I suspended the end of the wires between two push pins. The small note attached to the left end was attached with the mini red clothespins.

The possibilities are endless with this project and can be personalized for your Valentine.

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