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Charity Book Shrine by Sandra Evertson

I buy old books at estate sales, thrift stores, and flea markets. There is just something so alluring about a handsome embossed cover and softly mellowed paper. So many possibilities lie hidden within the pages. When I see a tattered antique book in need of rescue I see a craft project waiting to happen. My Relics and Artifacts line by Prima Marketing matte resin craft blanks are the perfect complement to a handmade book shrine!

Charity Book Shrine Project Directions

Draw a 3½” x 3½” square on the top cover of the book and use a craft knife to cut out the niche cutting down into the pages approximately ½ inch.

Glue vintage ephemera to the top cover of your book, and another piece of ephemera to the inside back of the cut-out niche.

Use needle nose pliers to remove metal loop from the Relic (it is easy to unscrew).

Paint your Relic with a base coat of olive green while it is still wet layer on highlights of a lighter green, and let dry.

Add dark brown into the crevasses and a few glints of gold to catch the light. Glue in place.

Glue the brass stampings to the niche corners and embellish with found objects.

Lastly use a 12 inch length of copper wire to wrap around the book, twisting the ends closed with pliers. You can use a regular picture hanger attached to the back of the book to hang this piece on the wall.


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