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Bundle of Joy Project

Paint pregnant wire form with blue acrylic paint and allow to dry. Use a light blue ribbon to wrap around the torso area. To keep the ribbon secure, weave it at the side/shoulders and then secure at the back with glue dots.

Wrap thin ivory satin ribbon around the neck to create the halter part of the dress. Secure it using a glued dot, then glue a white flower and a tiny blue gem.

Using some thin ribbon, wrap a loop around the waist with a little "excess" room. Take a sheer ivory ribbon and loop it around the waist. It is best to loop over so that the longer piece falls down to create the look of a baby doll dress, secure the smaller end with a glued dot. Once you have done enough of these to create the dress, take a thick piece of twill and wrap around the waist to cover the area where the ribbon is glued.

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