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Baskets of Beauty and Joy Project by Kristen Robinson

Beauty and endearing sentiments should be shared throughout the year with those we hold dear. A bit of sparkle, a collection of words and lovely prints come together in a lovely fashion when used with the romantic ATC kit from Tuscan Rose. Enchanting prints are the perfect background for your favorite images while test tubes and wire baskets provide a unique and charming presentation.

Beauty ATC’s:

Choose the background of your choice from the ATC Wallpaper sheet in the ATC kit and begin to add your favorite images as well as ephemera, rubber stamps Paris Rubber Stamps by Cavallini and embellishments such as buttons, ribbon and crystals. Adding a bit of text that has been printed on vintage ledger paper completes the card. Once your piece is complete adhere it to a piece of appropriate sized cardstock for added durability.

Beautiful Sentiments and a Splash of Beauty:

Test tubes are the perfect thing to fill with a lovely sentiment. Add a flower cut from the ATC Wallpaper sheet in the ATC kit to adorn the outside and complete with a ribbon; viola a perfect little gift to give to a cherished friend. I filled my smaller tubes with glass glitter which I then wrapped with seam binding into a bundle of three and placed in one of the wonderful little wire baskets. A flower cut from the ATC Wallpaper sheet adorns the outside of the basket.

Presentation and Tips:

Placing a bundle of your lovely ATC’s, as well as a test tube filled with a joyful sentiment into a wire basket adorned with ribbon is a delightful and cheerful gift to bestow on a friend any time of year. Prior to filling your basket line the bottom with a scrap of paper from your ATC Wallpaper sheet this will eliminate the risk of your treasures falling through the slots.

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