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Artsy iPod Case Project

Cut four pieces of sticky back canvas down to 2½" by 4½".  Paint the other two pieces with the purple palette paint and leave the other two blank. Cut a piece of canvas that is ¾" x 2½" and paint with purple palette. This will be the small purple strip for the horizontal closure on the front. Use a dark teal mixture - Smidge of Blue with the Classic Teal and paint 2 separate pieces of canvas - one will be 4"x1½" and the other 1¼" x 1¾ ". Using the same dark teal mixture you can paint some light strokes on the large purple pieces that are the front and back of the case. On the 1¼" x 1¾" piece of dark teal canvas you can stamp the Rock and Roll stamp using an acrylic block with brown ink.

On the large purple pieces for the front and back of the case, sew a zigzag stitch across the top edges. Take the 4" x 1½ "piece of dark teal and sew around the entire edge with a zigzag stitch then towards the inside of that stitch do a small straight stitch. Then sew that 4" x 1½" piece of dark teal onto the back side of the case. Make sure it’s towards the top edge so it has plenty of room to flap over the top. Take the ¾" x 2½" piece of canvas that is painted with purple palette and sew around the edges with a small straight stitch.

Now sew that small piece onto the front piece of the case - about 1½" down from the top edge. Sew around the edge of the Rock and Roll piece with a straight stitch. Sew the Rock and Roll piece onto the large purple piece that is the front of the case. Attach the front to the back by sewing around the left, right and bottom edges. Use a zigzag stitch then a small straight stitch next to the zigzag stitch. Lightly distress the case edges with the brown Stazon ink. Attach a heart charm to the front with scrapper’s floss. Your Artsy iPod case is ready to go!

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