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Artful Advent Project

This year Vanessa Spencer (Shoppe Manager) set her heart on creating an “out of the ordinary” advent calendar. While browsing Pinterest to get her creativity churning, she found an interesting advent calendar idea from which inspired her to recreate her own rendition with added primitive touches.

First, she borrowed a hanger that was handmade using old wire and pliers from Johanna Love, Director of Photography.

To create each day of the calendar, Vanessa used a variety of different materials. First she painted some paper mache star boxes and wood buckets with white gesso and set them aside to dry. She also stained some mini wood buckets and pennant ribbon wood tags with walnut crystals and again, let them dry.

Once those items were dry and ready, she gathered the rest of art materials used: grubby tags, white shipping tags, white coin envelopes, wood tags, Melissa Frances mini envelopes, and natural jute bags.

Then, she arranged them accordingly, flat on a table, and used white gesso and brown ink to stamp numbers onto each piece.

"I used a variety of stamp sets including Cavallini & Co., Graphic 45 and a 7gypsies number set. Allow the pieces to dry, especially the numbers stamped with white gesso." - Vanessa Spencer

Next, Vanessa added mini advent gifts into the packages (the buckets can be filled later) and wrote special advent messages on the back of the tags.

To tie it all together, using either brown bakers twine or walnut stained seam binding ribbon, you can hang each individual piece onto the hanger. And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect; in fact, the hodge podge look can add to the personal charm!

Display your artful advent calendar in your home this holiday season to count down the days until you celebrate Christmas with loves ones.

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