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Art Journal Inspiration Project

The birdcage stamp that I carved was inspired by the Birdcage Blues stamp from the Colette Copeland Carved by Hand Collection. The Birdcage Blues is my absolute favorite from the collection and I was inspired by Colette’s hand-carved style and thought I would try carving a birdcage of my own.


I used the very basic tracing technique to transfer my birdcage image onto a carving block. The birdcage image was inspired by the style of artist Corey Moortgat. I hand drew a birdcage straight onto a piece of tracing paper. It’s important to make it good solid image that’s colored in well so that it transfers well. The next step is to turn the tracing paper over/face down onto the carving block. 

Burnish the image with your finger and then lift up the tracing paper to reveal the image. Use the Lino Cutter to carve the stamp. The birdcage image is available below so that you can trace it and turn it into a hand-carved stamp of your own.

Journal Pages

The backgrounds I used are plain white 8 ½” x 11” cardstock. Using a brayer and Eco Green Crafts Tomato Red and Ocean acrylic paint, I used a brayer to apply the paint. You can try painting the entire background with the first color then apply the second color over as desired. Or you can blend the two colors by adding drops of both colors onto the cardstock and using the brayer to apply them together. Once the background layer of paint has dried, take a piece of bubble wrap and cover it lightly with Eco Green Crafts Sand acrylic paint and then stamp the bubble wrap design onto the backgrounds as desired. Allow to dry. Stamp the hand-carved birdcage image onto each background page using StazOn Ink. Each page was created a little differently. Page 1 was created using an idea prompt from Journal Bliss. The idea was to do a “Gratitude” page where you create a list of things you are grateful for. 

Page 2: I decided to use one of my favorite sayings “give me wings to fly” which worked well with the birdcage theme. I wrote the saying with a black sharpie but wasn’t entirely happy with how it looked so I then carefully painted over it.

Page 3:  I used another idea prompt from Journal Bliss which was to create a list of things you would want to do if you had one last day on Earth... I narrowed it down to a few things – it wasn’t easy! Art journaling is difficult for me so the ideas in Journal Bliss really helped me to create something unique and meaningful.

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