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A Prima Ballerina Project

Begin by downloading the ballerina picture from the Vintage Beauties download collection. Print out 2 copies of the picture. Trim the edges off of one picture. This will be the primary picture that you are coloring. Use the Peach Sketch Pen to color in the ballet shoes. Next color in the dress with the Lipstick Red Copic Pen and add the small pink dots with the Peach Sketch Pen. Use the Sepia Copic Pen to color in the ballerina’s hair.

Cut out the duplicate spare ballerina picture and be sure to trim around the actual ballerina. This is going to be the "mask" that you use to cover the ballerina on the piece you have been coloring - so that when you spray paint you don’t get the blue on the ballerina. You could use the cut out ballerina with repositionable glue, or just hold her down with one hand and spray with the other. Insert the Process Blue Copic Marker into the Airbrush. Hold down the ballerina mask and spray paint with the blue to cover the background of the picture. I spray so that the blue is a little darker towards the bottom of the picture.

The Copic inks dry almost instantly. Take your finished picture and it as a decorative accent to a recycled bag or anything that inspires you!

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