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To err is human; to forgive, divine.
— Alexander Pope

We try not to make mistakes, but once in a while an error or omission slips past our eagle eyes. On this page, you'll find corrections and clarifications listed by publication and issue date.

We appreciate your patience when the occasional error does occur and trust that you'll accept our sincerest apologies. If you spot an error or omission in any of our publications, please let us know by sending an e-mail to the managing editor of the respective magazine.

Art Doll Quarterly Autumn '18
In the August 2018 issue of Art Doll Quarterly, we incorrectly attributed “Ghost of the Little Match Girl” to Linda Patterson. Jennifer LaLonde from Colorado Springs, Colorado is the artist. Apologies go out to Jennifer for this mistake.

Take Ten Autumn '14
In the September 2014 issue of Take Ten, we incorrectly attributed the "Pumpkin Patch" card on page 36 to Sarah Raines. Janice Roth of Shinook, Montana, created this card. Apologies go out to Janice for our mistake.

The Stampers' Sampler Summer '14
In the July 2014 issue of The Stampers' Sampler, we incorrectly attributed the Hello Kitty witch card on page 77 to Dominique A-Bennani. Daniella Hayes made this card. We apologize to Daniella for this mistake.

The Stampers' Sampler Spring '14
In our special Anniversary segment in the spring issue of The Stampers' Sampler, we omitted the name of one of our very talented artists. The cards on page 51 were created by Beth Byrd, who lives in Elyria, Ohio. We sincerely apologize to Beth for the mistake!

Take Ten June/July/August '13
The Guest Artist Q&A segment in the June/July/August 2013 issue of Take Ten was incorrect. Click here to download the complete, corrected Guest Artist feature. Our sincerest apologies to Rosemary and our readers for this mistake!

The Stampers' Sampler December/January '12
Hello Stampers! As many of you may have noticed, the color swatch for our annual Color Challenge is missing stone gray. Due to a printing error, the color shown in the December/January Issue doesn't match the title. But, as it turns out, we do like the color. Moving forward, incorporate the shade of blue shown or a pale (skipping stone) gray into your cards for this challenge—the choice is up to you. Just remember to send us your art by January 15, 2012.

Somerset Memories Autumn 2009
The bird stencil featured on Dina Wakley's layout on the cover of the Autumn 2009 issue of Somerset Memories is by Edward Roth. To see more of his designs, please visit

Somerset Digital Studio Autumn 2009:
Photography credit was inadvertently left out for Susan Tuttle's digital artwork, "Trust" from her article The Magic of Digital Memories on page 60. The stock photo of the ballerina was taken by Madelaine. To see more of Madelaine's work, please visit

Duirwaigh Studios was misspelled on the cover. We apologize for this error.

In an ad on page 91 the artwork "What You Think on Grows" was created by Angi Sullins, not Ann Morton.

Where Women Create Summer 2009
Due to an editorial error, the contact information for Wendy Addison is incorrect in the Summer 2009 issue of Where Women Create. The contact information should read

Theatre of Dreams
by Wendy Addison

Is now a magical book! Limited edition of 400 hand-colored, letter-pressed & hand-bound pages, $250.00
This item is available at: or (We had this very wrong in the magazine.) You may also call to place an order: (510) 787-2164.

Somerset Workshop 2008
The image of Marsha Williams' "Guardian" piece was shown incorrectly in Somerset Workshop, Volume 5. We regret this error. Here is the correct photograph of her beautiful artwork.

HandCrafted 2008
Due to an editorial error, credit to Lucy Gallagher for her memory jars in the article "Time in a Bottle" was inadvertently left out on page 110 in the 2008 issue of HandCrafted. We regret this error. Here are the pictures of her lovely jars.

Somerset Memories April/May 2008
Due to an editorial error, the images of Charity Hassel's "Audrey's Album" were inadvertently left out of her Family Memories article on page 14 in the April/May issue of Somerset Memories. We regret this error. Here are the pictures of her lovely book.

Belle Armoire Jan/Feb 2008
The Extruder Cane Bracelets article by Linda Hess in the Jan/Feb 2008 issue of Belle Armoire included directions for square polymer beads, but no photos. The project provided steps for Bracelet No. 2, which is pictured here. A bracelet showing triangle-shaped beads is included as a courtesy.
Bracelet No. 2
Triangle Bead Bracelet

Altered Couture Winter 2007
The directions for this Low Waist Shirtdress can be found on page 27 of
Altered Couture (Winter 07).
Altered Couture Winter 2007
Incorrect instructions were placed with the shirt dress created by Alice B.Fogel in the Dresses & Skirts gallery of Altered Couture (Winter 07 edition). These directions explain how to create the dress that was pictured on page 27.

(as seen on page 27 in Winter 07 issue)

  1. Start with a grouping of men's tailored cotton shirts. Have fun matching stripes and plaids etc. as long they share a color palette. Depending on sizes, you'll need at least 5 shirts. Note: I use only about ¼" seam allowances because I serge. Add to my cutting measurements if you want more generous amounts.
  2. For the bodice, use a shirt that fits at the shoulders and bust. You can make princess seam waist darts both front and back for a flattering fit but it's not necessary if you're going to elasticize the waist, another fitting option. Because the rest of the materials are men's shirts, I use a boy's shirt for the bodice. Things go much more simply if all plackets button in the same direction.
  3. For a small to medium dress, mark the bodice shirt, in the front, from the point where the shoulder meets the neck down 19". In the back, mark the length about 16 ½" from center neck (where the collar is attached). You might want to measure your back and front lengths for the right fit for you. One way is to put the shirt on and tie a thin elastic or string around your waist over the shirt. Mark all around and, leaving a little extra for ease and for seam allowance, cut the waist there.
  4. Also cut the bodice sleeves to desired length. For cap sleeves, mark a point on the sleeve 1 ½" from the armpit seam and one 3 ½" from the shoulder seam. Draw a line and cut. Finish each sleeve with a 3" strip cut from other shirts in the dress, folded over double, right sides out, and seamed to the sleeve.
  5. For the full skirt you'll need 6 shirt panels—3 fronts and 3 backs. (Use 5 in all for less fullness.) Cut them (placket centered) in rectangles or squares 18" long and about 18-20" wide. Make sure the top button is about 1" from the top edge, and pockets are 3 to 5" down. Seam the panels at the sides, alternating colors and plain and placketed pieces. Gather the top and sew to bodice, matching center front plackets and distributing gathers evenly.
  6. For the ruffle, cut 8 shirt hems (the curved kind) about 8" long at longest points (centers) and about 4 ½" at sides. Seam together at sides, gather, and attach to skirt, matching center front plackets.
  7. Sew narrow elastic to the waist seam allowance with a zig zag stitch if desired.

Belle Armoire Sep/Oct 2007
The Web site for handbag makers Avara and Asher Yaron was misspelled on page 84 in the Sep/Oct 2007 issue of Belle Armoire. The couple's Web site, where you can see more of their raw silk and handcarved wood purses, can be found at

HandCrafted Volume 3:
This artwork was incorrectly credited to Sharon Diskin. We would like to recognize Bernie Berlin as the artist featured in "Magnetic Personalities".

Somerset Studio Gallery, Summer 2007:
Mary Barfield, not Cathy Mendola, was the host of the collaborative book featured in The Art & Soul article that appears on page 48. Mary also created the cover of the book that was inadvertently credited to Cathy Mendola. Mary is a mixed-media artist who lives in Irmo, South Carolina.

Belle Armoire May/June '07
The Web site for jewelry artist Sharilyn Miller, who recently released her "Tribal Treasures Bracelet Workshop" DVD, was misspelled in the May/June '07 issue of Belle Armoire. The correction Web address is

Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2007
Artist Rebecca Sawyer ("Love and Memories" Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2007) can be contacted via e-mail at

The Stampers' Sampler — December/January 2007, Volume 14, Issue 1:
Stamp Francisco is the manufacturer of the face stamp used for "Sleepy" on page 10.
We would like to credit Gayla Wery with the submission titled "Floral in Blue" on page 72.

YanKiwi, a rubber stamp company listed in the Editor's Picks department, is based in Southern California, not New Zealand as reported in the product review.


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