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We’re pleased to introduce you to a group of women who excel in the paper arts and mixed-media realm. These very talented ladies have been selected as members of the Director’s Circle Artists (DCAs). Considered an extended part of the Stampington family, the DCAs are in close communication with the Director of Publishing and the editorial staff to help brainstorm and execute ideas so that we may bring you the very best in each issue of Somerset Studio. Our DCAs are “in the know” about up-and-coming artists, new products, blogs and news in the art community. They’re often called upon to create unique art and always offer us their very best for which we are truly grateful. To help you become better acquainted with these sensational artists, please read the biographies of these talented, extraordinary ladies.

Corey Amaro

Corey can share with you not only her lovely finds from French flea markets, but she can tell you the best places to go while visiting, and it’s not from her travels … it’s because she lives in the artfully inspirational France. Corey has lived in France with her husband for about 20 years and takes advantage of her surroundings by exploring the shops, boutiques and markets of France.

When she met her husband in a dance club in San Francisco it was not unlike a movie; he spoke several words of English, but she only three words in French, but it didn’t stop their love from blooming. Her passion for flea markets started as a way to decorate the small apartment they occupied after they were married. Her passion has since grown into magazine articles, a photographically breathtaking blog and amazing travels and antique finds.

Corey’s eye for antiques and decorating combine beautifully, making her a model for artful living. But having been able to travel to gorgeous lands and connect with other antique lovers has helped too. Corey is featured in Somerset Life where you can read her regular column “An American in France.”

Learn more about her by visiting her blog at www.willows95988.typepad.com.

Sandra Evertson

“I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember,” says Sandra Evertson, who calls herself a magpie collector of all things old and unique. Her home is somewhat reminiscent of the Adams Family house, “I like to surround my workspace with all kinds of odds and ends, things that inspire me, funny little porcelain dolls, bits of mismatched jewelry, shiny whatnots and lots of crumbly old books.” For her, this is the perfect environment for creating.

This self-taught artist, has many varied influences; everything from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the detail work that is Faberge to Dr. Seuss and Alice in Wonderland help inspire her, “I guess that’s why my pieces are always kind of off the beaten path.” Her whimsical creations are instantly recognizable. The beauty of Sandra’s artwork is in the meticulous hand working of the designs that give each piece individuality and character. Her original designs, influenced by antiques, are made of the highest quality materials available and assembled with great care. Her pieces are not only unique in their design, but also meant to be passed down through generations to become heirloom antiques in their own right.

Sandra’s delirious sense of style and life long passion for creating beautiful things has led her to communicate through art. “My sister has a lovely singing voice and I can’t even carry a tune! I consider my art as the way that I sing!” Inspired by other artists who are innovative and excited about their work, Sandra says, gives her the creative energy that pushes her to grow and discover new things on her own artistic journey.

You can tell by her work that she’s curious about the world, adventurous, enthusiastic and comical. She shares her life with husband David, kitty Romeo, (“We found him in the engine of our car!”) and a teeny 4lb. Chihuahua named Juliette. Sandra has been published in many of Stampington & Company’s magazines and has authored several books, the latest of which is Fanciful Paper Flowers: Creative Techniques for Crafting an Enchanted Garden, along with Fanciful Paper Projects: Making your own Posh Little Follies.

Please visit her blog at

She may be reached by e-mail at parisfleamarket@mindspring.com

Pam Garrison

Pam Garrison graduated from UCLA with a degree in psychology, which comes in handy because she loves to motivate and encourage others when it comes to art. This Southern California based mixed-media artist is passionate about creating and inspiring others to create.

She was recently featured on HGTV’s “That’s Clever!” and is a frequent contributor to Somerset Studio. Pam also teaches at Artfest and Art Fiber Fest, as well as at local and national venues.

Inspired by many things, she loves to go to flea markets and find supplies “any and everywhere.”

She loves to combine her main loves of paper, fabrics, millinery goods and sewing notions in her vintage/modern style creations.

Pam lives in southern California with her husband and two children. She may be reached by e-mail at pmdgarrison@cox.net. Please visit her blog at pamgarrison.typepad.com.

Lisa Guerin
Lisa Guerin

Lisa Guerin believes it’s important to create art every day. Growing up in Washington, DC, she spent a lot of time visiting gardens, galleries and museums. These early experiences sparked the creativity within her, and she’s been making and appreciating art ever since. Much of her artwork is inspired by the True Colors artists, as well as colors, patterns, fabrics, books, food (the packaging mostly), music, junk and trash. “You name it and it can be used as an art supply!” says Lisa.

Lisa’s favorite technique is creating beautiful collage scrap art. Her whimsical and elegant designs are flawlessly executed in what she calls her “laid back work style.” She’ll work on a piece, take a break, and then go back to it until she feels it’s right. “On the other hand,” she says, “if I don’t like it, I’ll just let it sit around and live with it for a while.”

Lisa lives in San Clemente, California with her husband Richard and son Brandon.

Lisa’s a busy lady. She works part time as a massage therapist and does a monthly art swap with her sister, artist Kim Grant. When not creating art - which is rare – Lisa likes to read self-help or art books, watch movies, cook, or scuba dive with her family.

She may be contacted by e-mail at lisa.guerin@sbcglobal.net. Also visit her blog at lisaguerin-artblog.blogspot.com/

Rachel Emilie Jackson
Rachel Emilie Jackson

Rachel is a paper and book artist living in the North of England. She enjoys using paint and surface texture effects on vintage papers and old books as well as more traditional artist supports. She really loves to incorporate jewel-like findings, dried flowers and enigmatic ‘found’ text elements in her work, to achieve her desired stylistic notes of romance and faded luxury.

Different book structures and shapes appeal to Rachel’s love of objects, and she has fun exploiting the various properties of binding styles. Color, line and form are also limitless sources of inspiration: from bespoke stationery to the window displays of European gift shops, Rachel just loves to be seduced by exquisite design combinations, which she endeavors to reflect in her own work.

Rachel leads classes in paper arts from her home and at local craft venues. Her work has been published in Somerset Studio, The Stamper’s Sampler, Take Ten, Somerset Wedding, and SomersetHome. Her aspirations include creating more in printmaking and collage, and becoming involved in more collaborative artwork.

Aside from paper arts, Rachel is engaged with drawing and painting and nourishes a twin passion for Opera and Paris.

Rachel lives in Wirral, England. She may be reached by e-mail at rachelemiliejackson@yahoo.co.uk.

Kristen Robinson
Kristen Robinson

Imagination is truly the ruler of this mixed-media artist. As a young girl Kristen created cities from shoeboxes, dolls and found objects, “I spent hours creating imaginary towns. I believe I began creating artwork as a way to bring all of the stories that resided within my imagination to life.”

Her Art Salon, a treasure-trove of Victorian and Regency ephemera, books, fabrics and textiles in her home in southern California, is where Kristen finds the spark of inspiration and creativity for her jewelry, paper arts, trinkets and baubles.

As a full-time artist, her career brings a lack of boundaries and constraints, allowing Kristen to live out her dream as a creator and a mom. Through her online store and being included in two books, Creating with Fabric and Altered Art Projects, Kristen feels she is able to share her work with others.

If she could go anywhere it would be Morocco, “it is truly a country with its own heartbeat, incredibly seductive sights, smells and sounds that taunt the visitor to look deeper at each turn in the road.”

Kristen is an art storyteller who lives in southern California with her husband and son. Visit her blog at www.kristenrobinson.typepad.com and her Etsy store at www.kristenrobinson.etsy.com.

Becky Shander
Becky Shander

When Becky Shander makes art, she feels most at home.“It is my haven, my place of joy,” she says.

In the beginning, when Becky started dabbling in art, she thought that she had to do only one thing — or at least just one thing at a time. “I’ve since learned that there are no rules when it comes to exploring different ways of expressing ourselves,” she says. “This exciting realization led me to try all kinds of things from the many forms of fiber art, to jewelry making, to collage, etc. I’ve discovered and made peace with the fact that I pretty much like it all.”

So now Becky works with anything and everything. “There’s potential in all that surrounds us, and inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere,” she says. “Very often I like to include positive messages and poetry with my artwork. Doing this allows me to further express what is truly in my heart. Most of my days are filled with art, whether actually sitting down and doing it, or simply being observant and appreciating the abundant beauty in life.”

Becky lives in Massachusetts with her two favorite muses (husband and daughter). To learn more please visit her website >www.beckyshander.com.

Connie Govea Stuart
Connie Govea Stuart
As unbelievable as it seems, Connie says she’s only been an art-maker for about 4 years. She was first published in 2003 in Victoria Magazine, then started getting published in Better Homes and Gardens Special Publications. Since then she has been published in many of Stampington & Company’s publications.

She’s a self-taught artist, who adds a creative touch to every aspect of her life.

Connie finds inspiration in many things … fabrics, beautiful soap, flower gardens and nature, old metal things like keys and other hardware, buttons, clothing, anything vintage and even cupcakes! “My favorite medium is sewing on paper, mixed media for sure ... but I've been sewing in my designs for a long time … altering things, and using sweet faces in my work.”

Most of all, she says, she likes mixing fabric and paper and creating unexpected combinations.

Connie took ballet for 23 years, loves to golf and plays the ukulele. A California native, Connie dreams of one day living in the Napa Valley in a small place with a studio looking out at the hills.

Connie Govea Stuart lives in San Ramon, California. She may be reached by e-mail at: connieart@aol.com.

Linda Trenholm

During this season of my life, my art is what is commonly referred to as mixed-media. When co-workers or people I meet ask me what sort of work I do, mixed-media isn’t a fair descriptive visual to those unfamiliar with our medium. How can you verbally explain the textural, color filled collaborations of a board book or a canvas? For me they each tell a story once they are completed with that special found treasure gathered from a memorable adventure. From childhood until now I have always been an artist. I have experimented with ceramics; stained glass; and now am adding metal smithing as an element to my work. Southern France has become my yearly summer artistic retreat. This is where I refill my mind with fresh color palettes, new textural fabrications and enjoy newfound friendships.

Gratefully our home is far enough away from the madness of the city. And it is here that I have the pleasure of hiding away where I create in my studio.

Linda lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. She may be reached by e-mail at Lindee54@aol.com.

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