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Wrapping Inspiration with Paper Rosettes

I cannot wrap gifts. My packages don’t just lack the sharp corners or finesse of finely wrapped presents — my gifts are disastrously decorated. They are a train wreck of wrapping paper, ribbon, and tape. I once gave a gift to my sister that looked like it had been wrapped by a pack of angry wolverines. Therefore, I’ve found clever ways to hide the disaster areas. I learned to make massive bows that can hide messy tape gobs, I’ve learned to strategically place messy edges against the Christmas tree out of sight, and I’ve learned that everything can be fixed by paper rosettes. These paper rosettes are big enough to cover any faux pas that I may create on my wrapping adventures. Plus, the scoring board makes envelopes so that my presents are perfectly coordinated and ready for their big show on Christmas morning.

Wrapping Inspiration with Paper Rosettes Directions:

Cut 12 x 12” paper into 6” strips, to make a paper rosette that is 12” in diameter. For a different sized rosette, cut the strips to half the width of your finished rosette.

To create ½ inch accordion folds, first lay paper on scoring board and score at each inch (1, 2, 3, etc.), then flip over paper and score at each half inch (1.5, 2.5, 3.5, etc.). Accordion fold using these scored lines.

Glue ends of several strips together to form one very long strip. Connect the two ends together, and glue to form a tube. Gather the center of the rosette together, then glue a piece of paper to back to keep rosette from shifting.

To create a matching envelope, trim 12 x 12” paper to 7.5 x 7.5”. Line up paper to dotted lines on back of scoring board for 4 bar envelope, score on all four marked lines, then trim away corners.

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