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Woman in Gold Project

There is a breathtaking portrait by Gustav Klimt called Woman in Gold. When I saw this image from the postcard set by Ingrid Pomeroy, the posture of the lady reminded me of that portrait and I knew that I had to create something as an homage to the painting. For this project, I created a more muted version of the famous portrait by combining Vintage Gold Metallique Wax with distressed and inked textures.

Woman in Gold Project Directions:

Cut a piece of mounted sheet music in half. Trim the image from the postcard. Apply a very, very thin layer of Vintage Gold Metallique Wax to the postcard image with your finger.

With a palette knife, apply texture paste through stencil, applying it thickly to the outside edges, and creating a much thinner layer where your ephemera will go. Let texture paste dry completely before moving on.

Apply Vintage Gold Metallique Wax with your finger to the tops of each stenciled shape. Leave plenty of white space around the edges of the texture paste. The wax should be concentrated at the center of each shape.

With a blending tool, rub Brushed Corduroy ink into the edges of each texture paste shape. Blend in small circular motions around the edge of the canvas as well, then rub ink pad straight along the edge to create an even more defined edge.

Adhere postcard image to the canvas with gel medium.

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