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Winged Victory Bottle Project

One of my favorite pieces of art is the Winged Victory of Samothrace. The piece looks like it is in flight and makes the marble appear as if it is delicate chiffon rippling in the wind.

For this project I decided to create some whimsical wings of my own and add some of my favorite vintage details.

Winged Victory Bottle Project Directions:

For wings and medallion, brush a thin coat of Gilt paint onto each piece, dust with Rust Mica Powder while paint is still wet, then take a dry brush to dust off excess powder and to blend powder slightly with wet paint.

For large coin and cork, coat with gel medium, dust with Rust Mica Powder, then use a dry brush to remove excess powder. Adhere to cameo circle with strong adhesive.

Tip: Rust Mica Powder has an amazingly blendable texture, much like eye shadow. To keep it from rubbing off or getting smudged, seal all pieces with a clear acrylic sealing spray. 

Bend the top loop on the medallion with a pair of pliers so that it is a straight line. Poke a hole in the bottle’s cork, and glue medallion to cork with a strong adhesive.

Saw the ends off of each wing with a hacksaw and glue to the bottle with a strong adhesive. Glue vintage sheet music around the bottom of the bottle.

Tint ribbon with Tim Holtz Distress Spray Stain in Walnut Stain. Tie around bottle.

Using the rusty wire, attach the cameo circle with coin to one end of the chain and attach a medallion and Tim Holtz Philosophy Tag to the other end. Wrap the chain around the bottle’s neck and secure with a bit of wire. 

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