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Waxing Poetic about Metallique Waxes by Christen Hammons

I’ve noticed an influx of artwork being sent to us that features gorgeous gilded shapes, with beautiful metallic elements being brought to life upon a black background. As I edited a few articles in which artists used this technique, I couldn’t wait to try it out myself. When our first supply of Metallique Waxes arrived in The Shoppe at Somerset, I immediately grabbed a few colors.

After watching a quick video from Finnabair, I was inspired by the way she used black gesso to add a base color to various elements from the Relics & Artifacts line. I went through my collection and chose some wings, which had a lot of detail, and a heart, which didn’t have as much, but I still thought would work well.

To begin, I applied a layer of black gesso to a canvas, as well as my chosen Relics & Artifacts. I allowed everything to dry completely. Then, I touched my finger to the Metallique Wax, picking up just a bit of it, and rubbed it wherever I wanted to add color. It was so much fun to see how much color was added to all of the areas with raised details. I played around with how much to use, and found that less is more. A little bit of the wax goes a long way.

I was so pleasantly surprised that such a small amount of work (and product) produced such an amazing result! My mind is completely overloaded with all the ideas I have for ways to use these great waxes, and I can’t wait to get started on them.

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