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True Calling Project by Juliette Crane

  • True Calling Project by Juliette Crane

Guest artist Juliette Crane creates a dreamy work of art that showcases bright pastel colors, interesting character designs, and unexpected patterns. This is the perfect project for mixed-media and whimsy-lovers!

True Calling Project Tutorial by Juliette Crane:

For this painting, I created the background using layers of Bleeding Art tissue paper, acrylic paints, vintage wallpaper, book pages, paint markers and water soluble oil pastels.

Then I added my bear’s body, face and wings using acrylic paints and pen. Once my character was in place, I softened the entire background around the bear using oil paint sticks, allowing the color of the body to stand out. Finally, I adhered a paper moon and painted on its face.  

Once my painting dried, I applied a spray varnish to protect the painting. Then I applied a coat of vintage-hued mod podge. This makes the color of the Bleeding Art tissue paper come to the surface (even if I’ve added acrylic paint on top of it). I am careful not to use the bleeding art tissue paper right where I plan to add my character’s face. But I love the look in a background or in a character’s body and wings. You can especially see the look here of the orange tissue paper behind the bear’s wings.


About the Artist:
Juliette Crane is a full time artist, teacher storyteller and adventurer. She spends as much time as possible painting outside and being inspired by the little things. She is the creator of a series of online mixed media art workshops that help thousands around the world learn to let go and have fun getting creative. When she’s not painting in gardens around the world, reading books about imaginary places, or hosting dinner parties, she lives with her bluegrass singing husband in Madison, Wisconsin.

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