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The Happy Jar Project

It’s been a tough year for everyone. There have been hurricanes, floods, wild fires, and other devastating natural disasters. There have also been the personal hardships — the struggles for everyday peace and happiness, the fighting to get ahead only to find that you’re behind. That’s why I decided to change my thinking for 2018. I may not be able to change what is happening around me, but I can take an extra moment to ensure that the happiness I find along the way is captured and appreciated.

The Happy Jar will be a way to jot down life’s little victories to remind myself of the moments of joy for 2018. I’ll also be dropping in ticket stubs, greeting cards, and maybe a finished to-do list to remind me of all the times in 2018 when life was awesome.

The Happy Jar Project Directions:

Trim a piece of Artist Paper to fit the jar and glue in place.

Paint a piece of vintage book text with gesso and let dry. Stamp “Happy” onto the text with Cavallini’s stamp set.

Add a Chitchat Word Sticker to the bottom of the sentiment.

Rip the edges of the book text, then glue to the center of the Artist Paper.

Tie a muslin bag to the top of the jar with seam binding ribbon and fill with the supplies you’ll need to write your notes throughout the year, like strips of paper and colored pens.

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