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Tea Bag Sachets Project

Whether you’d like to freshen your linen cupboard or you live with someone whose feet smell, these sachets are a lifesaver. Just fill the little bag with dried herbs and let the fragrance mellow any other odor that may be lingering. You can also fill the bags with baking soda to absorb any smell that shouldn’t stick around.

Tea Bag Sachets Project Directions:

Cut a piece of tissue paper approximately 5 x 12”.

Fold the ends of the tissue toward the middle so that they overlap in the center. In other words, create a long tube with the tissue paper and secure the edge with gel medium or glue.

Fold this long tube in half and fill each side of the tube with dried herbs or potpourri.

Fold over top like a tea bag and staple. Attach a string with a Tim Holtz Typed Token at one end to finish off this tea bag lookalike.

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