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Stitched & Stenciled Tag by Rae Missigman

I love creating unique art using shipping tags as a substrate. Stencils, paint and a few mark making tools are all you need to fashion a simple and beautiful note in just a few minutes. For an extra pop of fun, add some colorful ribbons and trims. And of course I have to add stitching to almost everything I do!

Stitched & Stenciled Tag Art Project Directions:

Spread gesso over the entire surface of a shipping tag. Let dry partially, and then apply spray inks, (I used Bubblegum, Fuchsia and Calypso).

Use a brush to move and mix the inks around with the gesso.

Apply acrylic paint (I used Dina’s Night & Turquoise) through the Mix & Match Scalloped Edges and Frazzled & Ruffled Feather stencils, using your finger and plenty of paint to get a raised edge. Let dry or speed up process with a heat tool.

Layer white and yellow acrylic paint onto the tag, adding color and making marks.

Outline your stencil shapes with a pencil and China Marker. Journal with a white gel pen.

Add stitching around the edges and shapes.

Slip knot colorful ribbon to the top of your tag, and sew on some colorful trim to the bottom.

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