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Stay Strong: Steampunk Assemblage Woman Project

Life has been chaos recently. There are seasons in life and this latest season has been tough. There’s a million things going on and stress is everywhere. The gears and cogs perfectly symbolize the craziness of life going around in my head day and night. For this project, I was inspired by the simple phrase “Stay Strong” to remind myself that it will just be hard for a time and that things will even out eventually.

Stay Strong: Steampunk Assemblage Woman Project Directions:

Cover the face of the Steampunk Cameo Woman Stand-Up with book text using gel medium.

With a blending tool, ink the outside edges of the face with Walnut Stain Distress Ink.

Arrange metal gears, coins, shirt buttons, and other embellishments on the head. Adhere to the head with strong adhesive. Attach a few of the gears with brads so that they can turn still.

Twist a length of rusted wire into a circle to accent parts of the head and adhere with strong adhesive.

Attach rustic tin heart to the bottom corner of the woman. Add crisscrossed pen nibs below the heart. Ink edges of Tim Holtz Small Talk sticker with and adhere over the heart.

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