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Rusted Steampunk Heart Project

Our new Rust Paste by Finnabair had me dreaming of rusted gears and cogs this week. The layered elements give it a truly steampunk vibe with sprockets, gearwheels, antique pen nibs, and even some carefully camouflaged pieces of Relics and Artifacts. The finished result is something straight from a Jules Verne novel, or uncovered after being long buried in some distant reaches of the world. Remember — reality has limits, but imagination is boundless.

Rusted Steampunk Heart Directions:

Cover both pieces of flaming heart with Art Extravagance Rust Paste. Start with the lightest color and gradually layer the darker colors until satisfied with the result. To create a more natural rusted look, apply thicker pieces of paste with a palette knife to a few places on the heart and flame.

Repeat this process for Relics and Artifacts medallion piece. Set aside to dry.

Unscrew loop at top of heart, but leave the loop at the top of the flame. Glue both pieces of the flaming heart together with strong adhesive and wrap rusty wire around the joint.

Layer sprockets, gears, and pen nibs on the heart. Glue down with strong adhesive.

Glue medallion piece over the layered pieces.

Cut the ends of metal word band off with a strong pair of nippers. Glue across center of medallion piece.

Apply brown and red rust pastes to corners of cogs and around the edges of the metal word band.

Spray ink a piece of ribbon to match the heart and thread through the loop at the top. 

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