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Rosebud Bath Salts DIY by Christen Hammons

You may recognize this project from the cover of the November issue of Willow and Sage. While the featured article goes into much more detail about the different varieties of salts, and how each can be beneficial in bath and body applications, we wanted to share this quick and clever project idea with our readers. We think these pretty little capsules provide a great excuse for indulging, after a long or particularly cold day, but be sure to stock up on supplies because they'll also make perfect, homemade gifts this holiday season. 

Rosebud Bath Salts DIY Instructions:

  1. Combine crushed, dried rosebuds with Epsom and Dead Sea salts.
  2. Place salt mixture inside of test tubes that can be sealed tightly with a cork.
  3. Using twine, tie a sprig of rosemary or pine to the end of each test tube.

Bonus Gift Packaging Idea:

  1. Place three rosebud-salt-filled test tubes in a jute or burlap bag.
  2. Write “Rosebud Bath Salts” on a metal Grubby Tag and attach it to the bag with a safety pin. Alternatively, you could use a larger tag, and write out the recipe or a personalized message: Sprinkle desired amount of salts into this jute bag before dropping it into your bath.

What I like about using a jute or burlap bag, is that it is porous and reusable. Cheesecloth would also work. Sprinkle the rosebud salts into the bag before dropping it in a warm bath. The salts will dissolve, but the drain will be protected from loose petals, and there is no extra clean-up for you. Discard any used rosebuds.

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