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Postal Airmail Notebook Project

I recently found a post online from someone who had written a note to self, left it in her drawer for a year, then dug it out to see if she had fulfilled the goals and ideas that she had recorded in that note. When I came across this postal notebook, I knew that I had to try the idea for myself. So, I sat down and wrote a note to myself. I wrote what I wanted to accomplish in the next 6 months, a year, 10 years. I wrote down all the things I was grateful for and I wrote about what I thought my life would look like when I pull out this notebook again. I addressed it to myself, and it will wait in a drawer for the day that I rediscover it. I wonder if I’ll have achieved my goals, and if I’ll still be thankful for the same things in life, but I guess only time will tell.

Postal Airmail Notebook Project Directions

Add vintage postage stamps to the top right corner.

Mount cancellation postal marking stamp onto an acrylic mount, dab with black ink, and stamp over postage stamps.

Stamp barcode to the bottom right corner with black ink.

Add decorative tape to the top right corner, and a sticker to the bottom left corner.

Paint on red, white, and blue stripes to resemble the airmail colors.

Add Small Talk Stickers to the top right corner.

Once the paint is dry, stamp “postal card” onto the back of the notebook.

Add airmail sticker.

Wrap with Baker’s Twine, and adorn with a Philosophy Tag.

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