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Pink and Pretty Goodie Bags Project

For Valentine’s Day, I’m planning on bringing back the valentine. I haven’t sent out valentines since grade school, but I would love to do something small and sweet to show my friends how much I care. For these glassine envelopes, a few pieces of paper and washi tape add a decorative touch. I plan to fill them with a few chocolates and a funny poem, so that my friends can go back to the nostalgic days when we swapped valentines during the classroom exchange.

Pink and Pretty Goodie Bags Directions:

Paint vintage book text with a light coat of gesso. Trim to fit the top of the glassine sleeve.

Tear a piece of sheet music.

Fill glassine envelope with treats, candies, and other goodies.

Fold book text over top of glassine envelope, slip sheet music strip just underneath the edge of the book text, and staple everything together. Add a strip of pink washi tape and address to each recipient.

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