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Nesting Ornament by Johanna Love

Spring is nowhere near to springing, but I'm really looking forward to it already. Since we are approaching the middle of winter, I wanted to make a window ornament that embraced the feelings of both winter and spring. Birds and pink roses make me reminisce for the end of chilly weather, while frosted mica evokes a light dusting of snow. Watching cold winter light shine through this small seasonally-romantic ornament really warms my heart.

Nesting Ornament Directions:

Mix about 10 mL of Ice Resin per manufacturer's instructions.

Lay text paper on work mat, paint resin on one side of paper until paper is thoroughly soaked through with resin.

Cut 2 ft of twine, lay on work surface, and paint entire length with resin. Then pick up and apply twine in a continuous circle around bird illustration on paper.

Use tweezers to apply mica flakes around inside of twine "nest" while the resin is still uncured.

Let the paper cure overnight then peel carefully off the work mat the next day. Cut away excess paper around the cured twine.

Poke hole through bottom of twine with headpin and wirewrap bead and rose dangle to bottom.

Poke another hole through top of twine, shape the other headpin into hoop at top, the add ribbon to top for hanging and a smaller piece to bottom.

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