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Material Visions

Material Visions showcases stunning examples of one of the most exciting mediums for creative expression that has emerged for multi-media artists: the miniature art quilt. Gone are the days of assembling quilts for the sole utilitarian purpose of covering a bed. This book documents the fascinating evolution of quilts from bed cover to multi-media art pieces. CELEBRATION A gallery of exquisite, close-up photos displays a multitude of mini art quilts that have been created by Somerset Studio artists. Both celebrated and emerging artists take center stage to share their collection of mini art quilts. These artists include: Christine Adolph; Bridget Hoff; Jane LaFazio; Teesha Moore; Amanda Perkins; Susan Shie, and Beryl Taylor. INSPIRATION includes quick tips and clearly-explained techniques. Expert and novice quilters alike will be inspired to incorporate techniques such as embellishing with found objects, art stamping, embroidery, image transfers, and beading.

Material Visions: A Gallery of Miniature Art Quilts: Soft cover, 144 pages, color photos.

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