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Love You Bunches Mug Project

I’ve been seeing DIY weddings pop up more and more on Pinterest as summer brides are getting ready for the big day. These Mason jar mugs are an adorable way to create a personalized gift for the country chic bride. They are also lovely gifts for Mother’s Day, housewarming parties, and more. Use the provided template in our engraving kit to create a personalized message in our beautiful calligraphy font.

Love You Bunches Mug Project Directions:

Cut the calligraphy template into rows. Place the first letter inside your Mason jar mug and position. Trace your phrase onto the mug with permanent marker. Connect the letters together to form your own words.

Use the engraving tool to gently trace the permanent marker. In this case, slow and steady does win the race. Do not press down, but instead rely on the pen to carve the design for you.

Wipe the mug off periodically with a dry paper towel. When finished, wipe the mug down with rubbing alcohol to remove any excess permanent marker.

Fill with candies or drink mix and celebrate your next special event with a personalized mug!

Warning: Always wear protective eyewear while using this etching tool and do not breath the dust from the engraving process. Use with adult supervision only.

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