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Live with Grace and Authenticity Canvas

Sometimes we just need a friendly reminder of the life we want. A little memento that says “here’s the dream” whenever we have a moment where we question ourselves. When I came across the Tim Holtz Small Talk sticker that said “Live Each Day with Grace and Authenticity,” I knew that I needed it as my reminder of how I want to live each day.

Live with Grace and Authenticity Canvas Directions:

Using gel medium, collage entire canvas with book text and pieces of maps torn from the Cavallini & Co. wrapping paper and petite parcel sets. Seal each piece with gel medium over the top surface.

Paint entire canvas with Dina Wakley’s white paint. If the finish is too opaque, then immediately use a wet paper towel or baby wipe to remove the excess paint. You should still be able to clearly see the patterns of the paper underneath.

Adhere 3-4 smaller pieces of book text to canvas, which will serve as the backdrop for your text and will be outlined later.

Cut out woman from Ingrid Pomeroy’s postcards. Adhere to canvas with gel medium.

Paint over entire woman with a very, very thin layer of white paint. Then begin brushing color onto her so that the details of her dress and face still show through. All colors were mixed with Umber paint to make them more muted. Add some fuchsia/umber streaks to the brown of the dress to give it an impressionist/painterly appearance.

Color hair with a bit of Lemon, Umber, and White paint mixed together.

Use a heat gun to completely dry entire painting.

Outline woman and different book text shapes with Stabilo pencil.

Water down Umber paint and outline each of the top-most pieces of book text. Allow the paint to drip toward the bottom. The Stabilo pencil marks from previous step help to add dimension to the outlines and makes the drips a bit grungier.

Splatter entire canvas with watered down umber and watered down fuchsia/umber mixture.

Wet the edges of the woman and smudge the lines with a paper towel to blend them a bit.

Go back over the woman with the Stabilo pencil and outline her features. Refine the areas of the face that have been painted over, outline her dress, and add curls to her hair.

Adhere Tim Holtz Small Talk Stickers to the canvas and outline with a few strokes of the Stabilo pencil.

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