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Instagram Wood Photo Blocks Transfer Project

Using various sizes of ready-to-alter wood blocks, I painted each one with a quick coat of white gesso and allowed the paint to dry thoroughly.

Print out your square instagram photos (or any pictures) using a laser printer. If you don’t have access to a laser printer, go to an office supply store and use a photocopy service to copy your pictures. Size your pictures accordingly, so they will fit each block.

Give the gesso painted surfaces a very light sanding. A little “tooth” will help the images transfer better. Use a generous amount of gel medium onto the surfaces of the blocks and place the cut out images face down, and burnish lightly with a bone folder. Allow these to dry overnight.

Doing one side carefully at a time, dab the surface with water and rub gently with your finger to remove the paper pulp. This can take a little getting used to, and knowing when “enough is enough” because sometimes the photos will dry and be left looking a little fuzzy which means you didn’t remove enough. However you need to be careful not to rub too hard as then you could remove too much and parts of the images will come off. Try some samples first on scrap wood.

After I removed the excess paper pulp, I gently scratched the edges with my fingernail to give them a distressed look.

Once the pictures have dried from being wet, paint the blocks with a sealer like Collage Pauge. After the Collage Pauge sealing coat has dried, bundle the blocks up with some ribbon or twine for an elegantly packaged gift.

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