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In Flight Morpho by Sandra Evertson

Today, we welcome Guest Artist Sandra Evertson. She will be working with her own product line, Relics and Artifacts, to create a butterfly on a coordinating stand.

In Flight Morpho by Sandra Evertson Directions:

Stack the 3 Archival Wood Cases on top of each other, use Tacky Glue to adhere them together taking care not to use too much glue so it doesn’t ooze out or slide around.

Adhere the wood and metal stand that comes with the papillon set onto the top of the stacked wood base with Tacky Glue, let dry.

Create 2 separate work stations by laying out 3 layers of wax paper beneath the butter fly and the stacked wood stand. Paint the butterfly with one coat of Copper paint, let dry completely. While waiting for the paint to dry mix 4 small bowls with 3 parts water to 1 part paint in Yellow, White, Cobalt Blue and Violet, mix well. This will become a sort of “watercolor” but with a heavier body.

When 1st layer of Copper paint is dry paint on a second very thick coat of Copper paint. While this coat is still wet use eye dropper or drinking straws to drip and splatter little spots and puddles of Cobalt Blue and Violet onto the butterfly then finish with a generous amount of Verday Patina solution spray (included in Ten Seconds Studio Verday Patina Paints kit). Let dry completely.

When you remove the butterfly from the wax paper you will find a beautiful organic pattern has formed on the reverse side of the butterfly plus your worktable has been protected by the wax paper.

Paint the stacked wood base stand with one coat of Iron paint, let dry completely. Paint with a second very thick coat of Iron paint, while paint is still wet create a flowing, fluid streak of Copper paint down one edge of the wood base. While paint is still wet use eye dropper or drinking straws to add drip accents of Yellow to the Iron painted portion of the base, this will create a “molten” look when dry.

Finish with a generous layer of Veryday Patina solution spray. Follow the same procedure to paint the tree branch.

Glue branch onto base, and butterfly onto stand, when everything is completely dry use the White “watery” paint on a toothbrush to add tiny splatter accents, this adds a slight “shimmer" to the whole piece.

Lastly adhere vintage key to wood base with Tacky Glue.

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