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Homegrown Gown Project

I do not have a green thumb. I cannot be trusted to take care of anyone’s plants while they are away on vacation — they will die by my hands. I have even succeeded in killing a cactus, which I have been told is extremely difficult. However, I’m ready to forgive and forget the plants that have gone before and I decided to make a stylish planter for some succulents. This wire form is modified to hold dirt and will display the succulent skirt wonderfully. Fingers crossed that I can keep these little plants alive.

Homegrown Gown Project Directions:

Trim pieces of burlap to cover the back and bottom of the wire form. With several lengths of jewelry wire, stitch the burlap to the wire form dress.

Attach several lengths of jewelry wire across the front of the wire form to form a tight grid. This will help to give structure to the succulents and help to hold them in place.

Lay the dress flat on the table and fill about 90% with dirt. Be sure to add water to the dirt as you go because the moisture helps to keep the dirt from crumbling and falling out the sides of the wire form.

Remove the succulents from their original pots and shake out or break apart the roots so that each succulent stem is separate.

Work the roots of each succulent through the wire frame and gently push into the dirt. Add more potting soil as needed.

You can also work with succulent clippings and just stick the stems into the ground. These clippings will sprout new roots. If you are using clippings, allow up to a week for the clippings to sprout roots before you stand your wire form upright for display.

Fill in any holes between the succulents with some Spanish Moss.

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