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Heart Ornament Project by Cynthia Shaffer

This ornament shows that home is where the heart is. Guest Artist Cynthia Shaffer created this whimsical heart ornament using Sandra Evertson's Relics and Artifacts. Whether hanging it up in your window, from your rear view mirror, or on your Christmas tree, this project reminds us where our home truly is.

Heart Ornament Project by Cynthia Shaffer Project Directions

Using a medium grit sand paper, lightly sand the heart to rough up the smooth surface and to round out the edges.

Mark a heart on the surface about 5/8 inches in from the outer edge. With a darning needle or other pointed object, etch into the drawn heart.

Using a file, etch sections into the outer portion of the heart about 3/8 inches apart.

Apply several coats of red acrylic paint to the entire surface of the heart. Allow the paint to dry in-between coats.

Apply turquoise paint to every other outer section as seen.

Once dry, lightly sand the heart, removing most of the red paint from the middle section.

Spray or dab the heart with Tsukineko Walnut Ink Antiquing Solution. Quickly rub off the excess solution. Set aside to dry.

From a scrap of black cardstock cut out a small square and a small triangle.

From an old book page, cut out a slightly smaller square and a slightly smaller triangle.

Glue the book page pieces on top of the black pieces. Glue the triangle on top of the square to resemble a house.

Cut a small heart from a scrap of red felt. Knot a short length of brown twine and glue it to the center of the heart. Glue the heart to the little house.

Using a thick foam glue dot, adhere the house to the center of the heart.

Tie a length of ribbon through the small screw eye.

Hang from a branch on a Christmas tree, or adorn a gift.

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Cynthia Shaffer lives in Orange, California. A prolific mixed-media artist, Cynthia has been published in Somerset Studio, Art Quilting Studio, Sew Somerset, Somerset Workshop, The Stampers’ Sampler, and Somerset Apprentice. To see more of Cynthia’s amazing artwork, visit her website at cynthiashaffer.com.

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