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Have an Open Heart Project

With all of the recent tragedies that have been happening, it can be easy to lose hope. This project is a reminder to have an open heart and to choose to see the good stuff, even in the midst of horrible circumstances.

Have an Open Heart Project Directions:

Water down Rosy acrylic paint and brush over entire resin frame. Wet a clean brush and add water over the entire frame so that the color pools up in the crevices and cracks.

Paint tissue wrap with a thin layer of gesso so that the design still shows through.

Adhere tissue wrap to the back of the canvas with a thick layer of gel medium.

Using the Iced Rose from the Mix and Match Manhattan pack of gelatos, edge each side of the Tim Holtz Chitchat Word Sticker. Remove any excess gelatos with your finger.

Stick words to the center of the heart. Add a ribbon to the back for hanging.

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